[KVIrc] Stable Release Plan

Markus Rennings (mren) kvirc at mrmx.de
Fri Feb 29 14:04:29 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008 schrieb Markus Rennings (mren):
> I think you (the devs) should look on this bugs before releasing, as I
> think they are "major" ones:
> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/29 bug : stuck on moving the windows
> inside of Kvirc (seems to be WIndows (Vista) only)
> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/87 Crash on exiting if more than one
> server
> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/85 KVirc 3.2.6 Switches windows
> automatically on Windows (Windows only)
> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/88 Registered users dialog doesn't show
> any registered users (already mentioned here on the list)
> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/69 compilation error
> with ./configure --without-info-tips
> There are some more, but I think, this are the most important for the
> ongoing release.

https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/ticket/89 r1171 crashes


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