[KVIrc] Tagging current svn HEAD as stable on Qt3 and then move on ?

Thomas Kalla xtx at gmx.de
Thu Feb 28 21:54:37 CET 2008

Am 28.02.2008 um 03:15 schrieb Markus Rennings (mren):

> Strange, as I checked in the german translation as r1167, and you use 
> r1170. I
> changed nothing in the translation later than r1167. Also I could 
> connect to
> a server w/ german translations w/ r1167, r1170, and r1171. So I don't 
> think
> it is the (german) translation -- but I will check the po files if I 
> find
> some time

Hmmm... Seems to be Mac specific then. According to Szymon  KVirc tried 
to translate a non-translatable message.

> I stumbled upon this, too. But I can't tell since which revision this 
> is.

Have you seen this on a Mac or on another OS?


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