[KVIrc] Tagging current svn HEAD as stable on Qt3 and then move on ?

Elephantman elephantman at europnet.org
Mon Feb 25 14:52:08 CET 2008

Szymon Stefanek a écrit :

> It could be a good compromise. Or not ?
Yep, that's probably the good compromise point, and I'd say it's what 
thexception was asking for.
Sounds logical to me that the things to be used or not in qt4 deserve a 
discussion, ideally before coding (would have been good if this 
discussion happened 6 months ago), but after partial coding should 
probably do.

>> Another issue in my opinion is that I think you need a version plan.
> See above :)
> It's just a very "hey! let's go" plan.
Sure, although I'm sure a bit of whitepaper job on the wiki would make 
the plan even better and encourage contributions :)



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