[KVIrc] Tagging current svn HEAD as stable on Qt3 and then move on ?

Szymon Stefanek pragma at kvirc.net
Mon Feb 25 14:44:30 CET 2008

On Monday 25 February 2008, HelLViS69 wrote:
> 2008/2/25, Elephantman <elephantman at europnet.org>:
> >  As all projects, the most valuable thing in kvirc project is
> >  developpers. I've seen the work invested by Alexey followed by
> >  thexception and then Hellvis69, and I find it's an error not to value
> >  their hard work. They may have done some things wrong, they may have
> >  tried bad ideas, but nevertheless they have worked hard on kvirc, and
> >  over the past months they are the only people wo have made this software
> >  go forwards.
> Thanks :)
> >  Another point is that maintaining compatible code means that all new
> >  features will need to be double coded, or make special inclusions for
> >  each version, wow... complex.
> >  Last point is that all the 4.x branch of qt/kde related software is not
> >  backward compatible, i'm sure nobody will feel bad about this not being
> >  the case in kvirc.
> Yep, on june it will be released KDE 4.1, which will make the
> difference. We NEED to be ready for it. It's not a little change...
> kde 4.1 will features:
>  - qt4 only code

OK, I agree: we need only qt4 code for 4.x.

>  - arts (sound system, ndh) removed in favour of Phonon (all
> mediaplayer interface will have to be redesigned, qt will implement
> phonon as its own class, qt 4.4)
>  - no more DCOP support! dbus will replace it, it's becoming the new
> standard in messages exchange between applications, and kvirc have to
> follow this way (audacious interface in qmake branch already do this
> ;) . we will have the possibility to talk with all processes in the
> system via dbus calls
>  - desktop integration

This will be another task: get back KDE 4.x support.
Just not as short as the ones I've listed in the other thread...


Szymon Stefanek

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