[KVIrc] Next tasks to be done

TheXception kvirc at thexception.net
Mon Feb 25 12:43:56 CET 2008

HelLViS69 schrieb:
> The majority of what you listed is already ported by me and
> thexception in qmake branch.
> The problems come from how the new MDI area is implemented.
But that's not our only one. New code brings new errors. That can not be 

2008/2/25, Elephantman <elephantman at europnet.org>:

> >  As all projects, the most valuable thing in kvirc project is
> >  developpers. I've seen the work invested by Alexey followed by
> >  thexception and then Hellvis69, and I find it's an error not to value
> >  their hard work. They may have done some things wrong, they may have
> >  tried bad ideas, but nevertheless they have worked hard on kvirc, and
> >  over the past months they are the only people wo have made this software
> >  go forwards.

Thanks from me too


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