[KVIrc] Helping project

TheXception kvirc at thexception.net
Sun Feb 24 18:23:03 CET 2008

Yes that's the good stuff. But it has to be ported because there is no 
compatibilty to the qt3 classes.
Qt4 handles much things in completely new ways. not only the hashes or 
whatever. Even the handling of the complete ui changed.
You can't handle all that stuff without rewriting it and not only with 
wrapper classes.

And i prefer working on the Qt4 branch since it's easier to handle and 
to work with.

And to this question:
Szymon Stefanek wrote:

Well.. this would mean splitting again. We can do it, as long as
someone is REALLY willing to mantain a separate branch until
it's REALLY finished. I'm not willing to do it, are you ?

Yes, but working alone on it will make the time much much longer.
But i would prefer it.

That's why i said we have to make a point. And say ok kvirc3 is done 
let's go in direction of future instead of recoding kvirc3 again and again.

Make a step further instead of working again and again on the old base 
of code.


Szymon Stefanek schrieb:
> On Sunday 24 February 2008, TheXception wrote:
>> If someone is interested in qmake/Qt4 progress:
>> https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc/browser/branches/kvirc/qmake/TODO-Qt4
>> Keep it in mind before saying to drop qmake branch.
> Yeah!
> This is the good stuff that the qmake branch has to offer.
> We should use it.

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