[KVIrc] KVIrc-3.4.2-dev-20081128.exe Wont run

fabio ctrlaltca at libero.it
Thu Dec 11 09:22:22 CET 2008

I know this can happen, since that package has been compiled with debug 
enabled, it needs the debug version of the Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT 
(while the package ships the standard "Release" version of the library 
and the manifest file refers to it). You need to install the "vcredist 
8" package to get this running.
I created this package to fix some issues present in 3.4.2-win32, but it 
was just a test build.
I was waiting for some user feedback before re-packaging this as a 
release (and announcing the new win32 package on the website).
I'll create a release package asap, stay tuned on the ml.


Colby Vanden Toorn wrote:
> Hello, I have recently tried to use KVIrc-3.4.2-dev-20081128 because the 
> regular 3.4.2 didn't seem to have perl with it, but when I try to run 
> KVIrc-3.4.2-dev-20081128.exe it gives me the following error:
> The application has failed to start because its side-by-side 
> configuration is incorect. Please see the application event log for more 
> detail.
> I'm running vista x64, but a friend on xp had the same problem.
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