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Alexey Y Uzhva alexey at uzhva.ru
Mon Aug 25 17:35:31 CEST 2008

Imho, we should extend animations engine to create "default frame" option.
So if animation will be stopped, the default frame will be painted. It's not
very complex.

So users with disabled animations will see good smilies anyway.

Imho it will be better if default set will include 10-15 commonly used
smiles. People who like animations should be ok. And people, who don't like
smilies at all already disabled them in options:D.

But creating good small smiles hard as hell. So... We should think about
finding something good. Kolobok smiles are very popular here among users of
other programs, that's why i said about it:)
2008/8/25 Szymon Stefanek <pragma at kvirc.net>

> On Monday 25 August 2008, Alexey Y Uzhva wrote:
> > www.smileycentral.com is not a smilies author. It's just a gallery. We
> will
> > need to read and statisfact _EACH_ pixmap's license.
> >
> > So better to use pack from one vendor. And it must be legal.
> The animations should be quite slow and not too much invasive....
> at least for the default set. The first frame should also look
> good enough to be displayed statically (if animations are disabled).
> Eventually we can also live with a small set for the beginning:
> just few commonly used icons. If the response is positive then
> we might take the effort of looking for a full set or even
> to create one....
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