[KVIrc] Mirroring scheme change

Szymon Stefanek pragma at kvirc.net
Thu Aug 14 16:32:03 CEST 2008

Hi ppl!

As we're having troubles with the ftp.kvirc.net machine access
it's time to change mirroring scheme.

Our mighty Jan has set up an admin.kvirc.de zone which now
contains a ftp-master.admin.kvirc.de entry.

ftp-master.admin.kvirc.de obviously points to the currently selected
master ftp (which NOW is ftp.kvirc.de).

From now on, mirrors should be pointed to sync from that name
and specifically from


Any mirror that is wishing to provide a backup service (so eventually
be temporairly pointed by ftp-master.admin.kvirc.de) should allow
the kvirc subtree to be visible in that url (pub/kvirc must be the
right path, eventually symlinked).

Uploads will always go to ftp-master.admin.kvirc.de too. Whenever possible
we'll replicate accounts for users that were able to upload until now.
If you're in trouble with uploading, please drop me a mail.


Szymon Stefanek

- Sleep: a completly inadequate substitute for caffeine

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